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Generate over 5 million search impressions


Manage over 100 publisher partnerships


Generate over 10 million paid media impressions


Create over 3 million intent-driven leads

Call Center Agent

Assist over 250,000 call verified prospects

AB conversion Test

Make over 200 million data-driven decisions


Run conversion tests on 500,000+ users


Assist tens of thousands students align with schools


Over 6 million Fitbit steps … we’re active!


DMS acquired CollegeAtlas.org in October 2013. At the time it had decent traffic, but low conversion.

With some love and attention from our team to produce a smoother user experience and more compelling content we’ve grown steadily. Today, the average daily traffic has more than doubled and lead flow has increased by 49%.

Our conversion team has also tackled specific landing pages, running A/B tests to strategically lift conversions on those pages by 300%!

Site statistics:

  • Increased traffic from 80,000 to 200,000 visitors/mo
  • Increased lead flow 49%
  • Increased landing page conversion rate by 300% with A/B testing
  • Added a CMS and mobile-friendly, responsive design

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